Growing Mint

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Mint is an excellent herb for your herb garden, and it requires a lot of water. Learn how to grow mint in your herb garden in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. This is common mint. I say common mint, there are many different mints that you can grow. This is probably the one that most people think of for their tea or you might think of breaking off a leaf for your mint julep, well this is probably the one you're thinking about. It's easy to grow. Mint does like a good deal of water. So if you've got a dry site, well, this may not be the plant for there. But if you've got an area container where you can keep the moisture level up or if you've got an area in your yard or garden where it tends to be a little bit low and maybe holds moisture, this plant will be a very happy camper. Mint likes a lot of moisture and it also likes a good deal of sunlight, so remember that when you plant it. I also would add extra peat, extra pearlite, extra sand to make sure it drains well. I know that sounds kind of contradictory but it does like a good deal of moisture and yet we don't want it to be totally sitting in water either, but it will take more moisture than many of your other herbs. Some herbs have to dry two or three times during the week, this one probably could be in a moisture sight and be very happy. Mint's a good plant for you. For I'm gardening, I'm Stan DeFritas, Mr. Green Thumb.