Effects of Same Side Watering on Plants

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All right this is a Penstemon. It's quite a pretty plant. Pretty flowers but as you can see here it is lopsided and the plant is growing in only half the pot. This is due to being watered primarily always from the same side. From the greenhouse we are not going to go and turn every pot but that is really in the home environment what you should be doing or else you are going to end up with something like this. So it is best to water from different places so hopefully you will get a nice full plant. Try to make it look full. Try to spread out some of these little branches and encourage it to go over there and try watering it from a different side. So if you have plants in a window, this is probably typical because you are always watering it and just turn your plants once in a while and give the other side a chance. It will be nice and full all around.