Preparing to Store Your Seeds

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Prepare to store your seed harvest so you can keep your seeds organized for use in your garden or for cooking; learn how in this free online gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Once your stems with your seeds are dry, and you’ve rubbed those stems and kind of shaken the seeds out of them, all you have to do is really just scrunch it with your hand and the seeds fall out because they’re so dry. Once you’ve done that, then you’ll have- this is some dill that I harvested a week or so ago, and you just go through and you just pick out the stems out of the dill. You know, this would probably be good to run through a colander. I could probably put this through a colander and it would probably separate real nicely. So I might try that. But at this point, I’ve just picked out the big stems and then I will store these dill seeds in just a couple of quart jars, and it’s ready for pickles.