How to Grow Green Peppers

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In order to grow green peppers, it's best to start off with a well-tilled garden bed that is deep with compost or manure. Use one green pepper seed per hole for a green pepper plant with help from an organic farmer in this free video on vegetable... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm in Belchertown and this is how to grow green peppers. First you should start off with a well tilled bed like this hopefully deep and with plenty of compost or manure. Peppers are a frost intolerant plant which means that if you plant them after a possible frost in your area any sprouts that come up will die immediately and fully during any frost. So you make sure you want to plant around the time when that is not very likely to happen any more. First you can take your garden bed like this. Green peppers, most varieties need about 12 to 18 inches of any space. Check your seed packet for what it says and take a garden trowel and make holes in your garden bed at about that spacing, take your seed packet and put one seed per hole for a nice big bushy pepper plant and when you're done cover that up with about half an inch to an inch of soil. Make sure you water that in really well and keep it really well watered throughout the season especially when the plant starts to flower and produce the actual peppers. Keep in mind that the better you can keep it weed free the more yields you'll get out of the plants. Most green peppers are the unripe form of what would become a colored pepper like red, yellow or orange so once the plant has produced that pepper, when it gets up to size, whatever you want it is edible and you can go for it. If you leave the pepper on the plant for too long it will likely ripen into another color so also remember that when you check your seed packet that it might show a red pepper or a yellow pepper but those will be green before they ripen. They will stay green on the plant for about three weeks before they start to ripen so there is plenty of time to harvest. I'm Jarrett and that's how to grow green peppers.