Facts About Lemon Trees

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Lemon trees must be grown from a graft, and they survive best in warm, moist, coastal climates such as Italy, Spain, California and Florida. Find out how to grow a lemon tree, which can survive in cooler climates when grown in a greenhouse, with advice... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about facts about lemon trees. Now lemon trees have been around for centuries. And just like apples, they followed the history of men very closely, and it's believed that the first lemon trees were actually found in northwest India. And then they were brought up to southern Europe, into Spain, Italy, and all over the Mediterranean, and they were grown for centuries there. And then they were brought to the Americas. When the Spanish came over to the Americas, they brought the lemon trees with them. And lemon trees are very hardy, they can grow almost anywhere where it doesn't get too cold. And the fact that they can store, and you can grow the seeds, or a start, from a graph, they'll survive quite a while. So when the Spanish brought them over to the Americas, then they came all over through Florida, and Arizona, and California. Even into the 1700's, they are found all over the United States. Now in the Northwest, and in colder climates, they don't survive the winters. But they can grown real easily in a greenhouse, or just brought in into the winter into the garage, and then let dormant and then put outside again for the summer. So they're a very hardy plant, and there's so many different facts about them that just amaze me. Now the Myer lemon tree is a really neat plant that my family had in one of their greenhouses growing up, and it would produce just huge lemons that were just the sweetest, sweetest plants. But then we had a really bad storm, and the greenhouse wasn't heated enough, and we lost our plants. So we're really sad because it survived 20 years. And the interesting part about the Myer tree is that it was started from one plant that came from China, and then it was grafted. So it's one of lemons you cannot start from seed, you need to have a graft to get it to grow. And there's other types of hybrid lemons that won't grow from seed either. They need to be actually grown from a graft from a living plant. And so, lemons have so many interesting facts about them, and the lemon tree will grow pretty much anywhere as long as it gets sun and good drainage, and they don't like really, really arid desert conditions; they grow most, or they grow the best in coastal climates like Italy, and Spain, and California, and Florida. And the citrus, as we all know, is one of the staples of our diet, and it's needed because the sailors would take lemons with them overseas, around the world, and before they would get scurvy. But they realized they didn't have any vitamins, no vegetables but the lemon alone would save their life. And despite having lemons with them, they would not get scurvy. And lemon can be used as a disinfectant, an antibiotic; it can be used for insect repellent, there's so many different factors, and facts, about lemons that are just fascinating. But where ever you grow them in the world, as long as they don't freeze too hard in the winter, they will survive and they will thrive in your garden.