How To Grow Organic Thyme

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This is thyme, this plant is thyme. Oh it’s starting to bloom- it has it’s first little bloom there. This is thyme and it looks like a very dainty, sensitive plant, but it’s actually quite woody and quite hearty. It’s very hard to kill it. In fact, this thyme- this very thyme plant- I brought back from Mexico. And to get it across the border, what you have to do is- I asked the border patrol if I could bring it across. And he said yes, if you shake all the dirt from out of the roots. And so I shook all the dirt out and brought it across, and now this one plant has made ten plants that I’ve given away. Thyme is one of the Italian herbs, and it’s used in spaghetti or any pasta sauce. It’s also great in soups and chicken. It’s a great herb, and you harvest it by clipping it with the scissors. And all these herbs are best fresh, but you can also dry them and use them throughout the year. Thyme is one of the herbs that lasts year round, so it looks like this year round but doesn’t die back in the winter. So you can always use it fresh if you have a thyme plant. And it likes the soil to be rather dry. It doesn’t like too much moisture.