What Effect Does Temperature Have on Plants?

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Temperature has a great effect on plants, as very hot and very cold weather can prevent a plant from setting blooms, and it can even cause the plant to start dropping foliage. Keep plants at their proper temperatures for the best results with plant... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. What effect does temperature have on plants. Well there are a number of things that plants have problems with temperatures. We all know too hot or too cold can be an effect on you and I and also can effect our plants as well. Many plants, let's say tomato plants, if it's too hot at night or too cold at night they're not going to set their blooms. That's one example. Many plants also will start to drop foliage. Deciduous plants start to drop their leaves if it's too cold. Many plants have a natural protective barrier. If a plant gets too too dry one of the things it will do is drop its foliage to help save the plant. So don't be too alarmed by that. If you have a little ficus that is in the cold area or other house plant that gets too cold, if it drops all of its foliage it is just a normal happening. Go ahead and make sure you protect the plant, water it, fertilize it and the plant should come back. Temperature is an important factor for you and I. One of the things I like to mention to folks is if I put you outside even with a little cover over you and it goes down below freezing, you are still going to know it is freezing so don't think just because you have a sheet or pillow case over your favorite plant that you have totally protected it. The same thing inversely when it's too hot, try to move plants that really can't take too much heat, seem to be wilting all the time maybe move them to a shadier spot during the middle of Summer. For askmrgreenthumb.com I'm Stan DeFreitas.