Creating an Organic Spinach Garden Bed Cover

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Creating your own organic spinach garden bed cover is a good way to protect your harvest from damaging elements. Learn to create your own garden bed cover from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now that the spinach is grown lets uncover this here and we will show you how we are making a cover for the plants. So that its not right on the plants because then it will smash them and eventually kill them. So what we do is we put these posts in here these little sticks and you can cut these from trees or any scrap lumber that you can find and we hammer these posts down into the dirt and we put string lines up and you can see that we have got the string line coming down here and here is the center one. We have one at the end. This holds the Remay off the plants themselves kind of creating a little tepee and we have volunteer garlic and a volunteer cilantro here also helping in holding in holding up the Remay off the spinach and we can show here how we put the cover over it and it creates a nice little tepee effect over it and just like with a clothes line. We have some cloths pins here and that helps hold the Remay from blowing away and we also use sticks whatever is convenient to make it simple and easy to hold the Remay down and this keeps all the animals out and the bugs also.