Removing a Lawn Mower Starter Clutch

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Ok, now comes the fun part, taking the starter clutch off. Without the proper tools and impact wrenches and stuff like that, its not as easy as when we do it back here. We do it in like three minutes with impact wrenches and special tools that are made to fit over the starter clutch. If you don't feel comfortable doing the way I'm going to show you, just take it to the local lawnmower shop, they'll be able to change out your starter clutch in a few minutes for you. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to take the screen off that takes a quarter-inch nut driver or I use my little electric screwdriver it just happens to have a quarter-inch drive. And you take the four screws off the screen or there could be two screws it depends, it doesn't matter, if there's no screen, then of course you don't have to take those off. And you take those off then you take the spark plug out. I've already loosened this, you take the plug out and you shove a length of starter rope or anything, if you have a long automotive spark plug, that works great as a piston stop, an old plug you don't want to use again. Once you smash in the electrode, its not going to spark anymore, but it works great as a piston stop. Or you can just use a length of rope and you shove that down inside the hole, you turn that until you get the piston down a little bit and shove your rope inside the hole. Now what that's going to do is its going to put a cushion and it won't allow the piston to go all the way to the top and it will freeze this so you can turn it off and you're turning it backwards of course, you're turning it counterclockwise to get it lefty loosey, righty tighty, alright to get the starter clutch off. That's how the flywheel is held on here too if you ever need to change the points in a Briggs and Stratton engine, they're underneath the flywheel and you've got to take the starter clutch off to do. But when your starter clutch screams like I gave you the example of earlier, its no good and its just best to replace it. I'm going to show you the inside of a starter clutch, how it works and you'll be able to identify that problem. And we just shove the rope down inside there. Take your four screws off and then I'm going to take a large channel lock. Now you see that the rope is in there its held that its hitting the top of the piston so you just take your large channel locks and you can actually go right onto the starter, well you can't do that, its not going to work. So, you just go onto the body of the starter clutch and turn it. That loosened it, spins right off. 99% of the time, you're going to find that there is smudge all over the shaft. This shaft as I said goes up inside the starter clutch, you want to clean that off and lightly lubricate it.