Protecting Geraniums from Insects

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Use organic pesticides to prevent damage on your geraniums. Learn tips for making organic pesticides for gardening in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. View Video Transcript

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Now we're going to talk about insect problems in your geranium garden. Now, I am of the belief that mother Earth needs all the help she can get. In my gardening skills and practices, I practice safe, and or organic gardening whenever I can. In your home sprayer, take two tablespoons of oil, either dormant garden oil, or any vegetable oil that you have in your home. In warm water add two tablespoons of dormant oil, one large tablespoon of any liquid detergent soup, mix well in your sprayer, and drench your plants under the leaf and on top of the leaf as well. Also, around the base of your plant, to smother and kill any larvae or eggs that might be hiding underneath your geranium. Now, you can go and get these products pre-made at your nursery or home center. This one here is an insecticide, a fungicide, and a matacide. Aphids, white fly, mites, caterpillars, are just some of the insects you might want to control in your garden. Again, this copper soap mixed with oil is a great fungicide. Snails, slugs, ear wigs, a safe bait is available in any home market or nursery. This is both child and pet safe. Also, be aware that more than one application of this warm soapy mixture might be needed. Again, as needed, use the spray, it will benefit mother Earth. Now, if this particular formula does not work, you can bring out the big guns. There's a whole variety of chemicals that you can use for your white fly, your mites, your snails, your slugs that are a little, shall we say, stronger, than the methods that I have given you here. Lastly, caterpillars love geraniums. There is a couple of varieties of chemicals and mixtures that you can get. This is a liquid form that fit inside your sprayer. There's also a powdered form called dipel. How it works is, the liquid, or the powder, is distributed on the vegetation, on the leaf. The caterpillar, comes by, chews on the treated leaf or foliage, it goes into the gut of the caterpillar where it then, shall we say, the caterpillar's taken care of. It is both, safe for your children, your pets, and other beneficial insects that you wish to keep in your geranium garden.