Planting Romaine Lettuce in Raised Garden Beds

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How to plant romaine lettuce in a raised garden bed; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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In the middle of this bed we are going to plant some Romaine Lettuce. Romaine is one of my favorite and I think it is for a lot of folks. It is one of those plants that is generally grown in the cool part of the year. This is late Spring but we've still got plenty of cool weather to go. We are going to be planting some 9 packs so we are going to have to be careful about getting them in the ground at the right depth. You don't want to plant them too deep. If you plant them too deep, the crown which is the growing point of the plant right here where it comes out of the ground, if you plant it this deep about an inch under the ground it is just going to die. It needs to be sticking out of the ground just a little but you can't plant it too shallow either. You have to have the root system in the ground so it is kind of a fine line and after you plant any plant that you plant, any kind of a bedding plant, you can always come back and readjust them. After you've watered, some of them will settle deeper and some will actually wash away some of the soil around the top and you will expose the root system to the atmosphere which is something you don't want and especially the plant doesn't want. So after you installed these plants, I usually push them up from the bottom of the flat like that to loosen them up and then gently lift them out. Sometimes if you just try to grab hold of the plant and pull it out you end up tearing it off or damaging the roots that are down below. You see I pushed that one up and it just popped right out of there. Anyway we are planting these kind of close together because Romaine lettuce is going to grow in kind of a loose head and that head is more upright than a lot of lettuces. Iceberg lettuce and some others make a round head that takes up a lot of room. This stuff here kind of grows up and is kind of a leaf lettuce. There's one 9 pack down and now I'll plant the other on the other side.