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Color can be used in a container garden to set the mood or theme, as complementary colors create a dramatic effect, similar colors are soothing, echoing colors in the leaves creates a cohesive design. Combine different colored plants to create an... View Video Transcript

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Using color is sometimes the most daunting thing for anybody who's creating a container garden, it can be very challenging on a small scale and on a large scale. So I'll give you a few tips for how to use color appropriately and to achieve the result that you want. Often times when we're using color to achieve a very bold effect we would pair opposites on the color wheel such as this purple and this gold look very, very dramatic together. We can also, if we want something that's a little bit more subtler effect, we would simply use something that's not quite opposite on the color wheel, but we still get this great peachy orange color with the purple of the salvia. Another trick that you can use is to combine colors that are very similar in nature for a very soothing effect. So here we have the purple and we might combine it with a little tiny bit of white and a little tiny bit of the silver, just using a similar color creates a very soothing color scheme. Another great trick, which is my favorite one to use, is called the color echo. And in the color echo we would take a plant such as this and we would highlight the colors that are in the leaves. So here we see this very bright pink color, and what I would use is this great pink lantana to echo the lighter pink in the leaves, and then since we have this bright green edge I might use this plant to highlight this other color within the leaf. So these plants look great together because we've gone back to the colors in these leaves and created a combination based on that one element.