Choosing & Planting Cauliflower

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Knowing what to look for when buying cauliflower for your garden is very important to their success and growth. Learn how to choose the best possible cauliflower plants for your garden in this free horticulture video from a veteran gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we're going to talk about how to pick out and care for a good cauliflower plant for your vegetable garden. You definitely want to take a look and make sure there's one in each little spot in the four pack to make sure you're not getting ripped off or anything. You want to make sure there's no big black spots or yellow or brown spots on them. This one looks pretty good here. It's all nice and green. They're keeping them wet. You want to take a look at the bottom and make sure none of them are snapped off or anything. These ones all look pretty good. This is a good cauliflower plant right here. These guys need to be planted in full sun in a good, nice, black dirt, potting mix, garden soil, something like that. If you've got good dirt at home you can just use that. Just make sure it's not any clay sandy soil. You want a good black dark dirt like that. You can use any kind of Miracle Gro fertilizer. There's different kinds of vegetable fertilizers, but the Miracle Gro is a good balanced all around fertilizer good for just about any plant here. That's what I recommend. It's going to make them grow twice as big twice as fast. You want to definitely take a look at the tag because that's going to tell you how far to space them out. It's different for all sorts of different vegetables. This particular variety says 18 inches. So these guys are going to get pretty big. You want to give them a lot of room to grow. Cauliflower, you know, can get pretty big. So we want to give them that room to breathe. They're going to be mature in about 50-70 days so it's not as long as a lot of the other vegetables in here so you don't have to get these started as early as the other ones, but you definitely want to take a look at that and give yourself enough time. That's for sure. Do not forget to water them. It's very important to water your vegetable plants. They will dry out very quick. I recommend watering them every day. We water these in this green house at least once a day, usually twice a day, but if you can't get to it just, you know, do it as much as you possibly can. At least every other day you're going to need to water your plants. In about 50-70 days you should have some good cauliflower plants. Just get them in that full sun and don't forget to water them, and a little bit of Miracle Gro never hurts.