How an EarthBox Screen Works

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The EarthBox screen makes planting and growing large vegetables easy. Find out how an EarthBox screen works in this free video on gardening with an EarthBox. View Video Transcript

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For On Gardening I'm Stan Defreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. We're going to talk about the earth box and some of the ways to set one up. What makes it different? Well, one of the things that makes it different in the earth box and it's one of my favorite ways that the technology of growing is that you've got a screen. And, this screen sits on the bottom. Now, what is so great about having this screen? Well, it's up about three or four inches from the bottom and it helps water and air go through it. You're going to use the filler tube and fill up the tube. We're going to turn the box here. You can see that the box is about twelve inches deep. And, when this sits on the bottom it's going to let water come up from the base to feed your plants. You've got a solution there with water and fertilizer. And, it also allows air movement through the roots as well. That's the reason this screen is part of a secret technology that really makes the earth box more effective for you. And, I’ve raised one pound tomatoes, seven pound cauliflowers using the earth box. And, I credit this screen for being more than anything else as far as helping to make it successful. For On Gardening I'm Stan Defreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.