Lawn Sprayer Safety Features

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All right, we've got our hand sprayer out. We've rinsed it out. We've checked it out and things look pretty tight and all that kind of thing. But there's a several things that you probably need to, one thing is you need to read the instructions that came with this equipment that tells you all about it. But there?s a few features that all of these hand sprayers probably have. Because if they over pressurize they can become like a bomb. And if its full of pesticide, its a pesticide bomb. And if it explodes or splits open or something like that it can hose you or somebody else down with some pesticide that probably is not going to be the best thing in the world. Its probably going to ruin your day. One of the things that will keep you from over pressurizing it, on the side here is a pressure relief valve. When the tank reaches a certain preset amount of pressure, this will pop open and release the excess pressure. That's a safety device that every hand held device should have, and it should be functioning. One of the ways you can check to see if it will actually release the pressure on most of them, is to just pull out on the outside edge like I'm doing here. And it should release pressure. Also, you don't want to once the hand sprayer is compressed, you don't want to unscrew this lid right here. Because if there's pressure behind it, when you reach the last part of the threads its going to come out of there like a rocket. And if you're standing there looking at it like this, you could end up with it in your dentures. And that's not a good thing. Also, another safety feature which will keep you out of the pesticides a little bit, on this particular model, they all have different things. This is a deluxe model, and it happens to have a screen to catch debris, that may have gotten into the tank from god knows where, but it got into the tank. And instead of choking up this tube here going up to the sprayer, where you've got to fool around with the nozzle and all that stuff to get it open, you can do it here, and do it a lot less. Because it takes a whole lot more to choke up this screen than it does to choke up the nozzle. Only one piece of trash is all it takes to choke up the nozzle. It takes a bunch of it to choke up the screens here. That'll keep you out of the pesticides.