Lawn Duster Safety

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Any time you do a pesticide application of just about any kind on the container of the product that you are using. There's usually a list of PPE or protective personal equipment that is recommended and it sometimes says that you would need or something like that. Generally speaking it varies a lot from container to container depending on how powerful the material is. Generally speaking it's safe to bet that you're going to need a long sleeve shirt that you wear buttoned up. You button the sleeves and you'll button it up in the front and also you'll notice I'm wearing a pair of long pants and some sturdy shoes. Generally speaking those things are required you don't want to end up with a whole bunch of your pesticide or whatever it is in your flip flops and on your socks when you get through applying with this liquid or dust to your yard. Also most of the time they recommend eye protection it's almost a given that they are going to recommend eye protection. Then before you handle any pesticides you'll need a pair of gloves these are natural gloves. They are chemical resistant they are a lot like the latex gloves that doctors use. But the latex gloves are not always as chemical resistant of some of the solvents as this particular product needs. So get you some good gloves these are disposable you can buy some gloves that you use over and over again. It's just a matter of washing the gloves and letting them get dried and getting them out next time. But disposables many times are the way to go because in our society being able to have the convenience of using them once and throwing them away. These personal protected items are something that you want to use always when you're handling pesticides and you don't allow somebody to carry your equipment or mix the chemicals or even carry the chemical containers around unless they are wearing some kind of protective in case of a spill.