Check the Belts of a Riding Lawn Mower

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Check the belts of lawn tractor for wear, rolling the belt out to look at and learn examples of bad belts in this free maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hello I'm Paul Popplewell with Central Equipment Company I've been employed with them for 18 years. I'm here today to represent expert village. Now we want to check our deck belt for wear, to do that we can roll the deck belt around and check it. We want to check the full length of the belt in order to see the belt that?s currently under the shields we want to roll it. I have a couple examples of bad belts; in this case this belt has pretty extreme wear on the edges and it has a couple chunks missing out of it. You can see a piece is missing here. I have another belt that actually has a large section missing out of it, you can look at the side of the belt and see it is thinner here then on the original thickness and that something has grabbed a hold of this belt and ripped a section out completely. If we find our belt to be warn or even dry rotten cracks in it when you bend it back then we'd want to replace this belt.