How to Paint the Flower Pot for your Decorative Copper Plant Hanger

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Learn how to paint the flower pot for your decorative copper plant hanger, in this free crafts video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for and we've made our copper planter and we sprayed it with the acrylic paint so I am going to let that dry. While that's drying, I am going to make my little pot. This is just a ceramic pot that I got at the plant store and I am just going to make sure that it is clean. Usually when you buy them, they are clean but I want to make sure that my paint sticks. I'm going to rub that down, dry it and I have my little paint; this is acrylic paint that I got at the craft store and you can use lots of different colors or just one depending on what you need in your backyard. Here I have a hot pink and my little paint brush. So I am just going to start painting the pot and of course you will paint it all the way around and you can do your own design and this is the pot that I am going to fill with plants and use in my backyard with my new copper hanger.