Applying Chemicals with a Lawn Sprayer

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Applying chemicals with a lawn sprayer is easy with these tips, get expert advice on lawn care and maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now that we got it pumped up. We can adjust the nozzle. The nozzle goes from a pretty straight stream like that. If you turn it gets finer and finer and finer to a really fine spray. It depends on the wind situation. What you?re doing if trying to apply just a pinpoint application. That little blue piece of plastic there. You've want it like. You wouldn't won't to have a fine spray, because it would go everywhere. You'd be spraying all over the area. Now, if you are trying to apply to a large area. Say you are going to cover this immediate area right here around my table. You'd want to adjust it, so you had kind of a fan. So that you wouldn't take a chance on missing a area because you got such a fine straight stream going you?re applying in streaks. This kind of application is a broadcast application covering the entire area. Once you get over the area you are trying to cover. This mixture was suppose to cover 200 square feet. The trick is to apply the mixture you have in the tank to that 200 square feet. What you can do after you get over it the first time if you have any thing left. You might release the pressure out of the tank and attempt to guesstimate how much is left. Then make the application over the area a second time. To get rid of what's in the tank. It's hard to do but you can get it to work out perfectly. So, that you had all the material apply to the target area in the right amount that you need just like the label of recommendation say.