Checking Lawn Sprayer Equipment

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Ok, we've got our new compression hand sprayer out of the box. There's a couple of things you want to do before you worry about putting out any type of pesticides or anything. Or even attempting to use it. One thing is to make sure that all the parts work. That the top screws down correctly. That the pump is free to do the pumping. All the parts are there, they appear to be tight and in the right location. They work the way you might expect them to. But one of the things that I always recommend for the customer to do before he ever does anything to the hand sprayer and attempting to use it, is to open the tank that holds the chemicals, and to take some water. It doesn't have to be a lot, this is about a quart. And pour it in and rinse out the container. Because during manufacture these sprayers have a lot of milling that's done on them. And they are little tiny pieces of plastic that will inevitably, and I just looked into this one and there were 3 or 4 pieces of plastic that were in the bottom of this tank. They'll probably all have them. And the reason you'll want to get rid of them, because if you go ahead and take and put your pesticide in there and start using it right away. You pump the thing up, it sprays a few minutes, and all of a sudden one of those little pieces gets into this cut off valve right here. And when you let go of it to cut it off, it doesn't cut off, because the inside mechanism has that little piece of plastic stuck in it and making it malfunction. That's the last thing you need with the pesticide loaded in your sprayer is to have trouble, where you've possibly got to disassemble it to clean it out. And that's the worst thing you can do with a brand new piece of equipment is to have to work on it just to make it work. You know, to get a job done that you've spent your hard earned money on. And you know, here you are having to possibly even having to replace parts freshly out of the box.