Lawn Sprayer Safety Equipment

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Most of the time when you get ready to use your compression hand sprayer, you are going to want to read the label of the pesticide that you want to use. And see what PPE recommends you use. PPE is the acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. And most of the time, it'll recommend a long sleeve shirt which is buttoned up at the sleeves. It'll also, a lot of times recommend eye protection. Which is goggles or something that will protect your eyes from getting the spray or the dust or granule or whatever it is. And then nearly always they will recommend a glove. This is a netronline glove, its a whole lot like a surgeons glove but these are more chemical resistant. Some of the chemicals have solvents in them that can attack a regular latex glove. But these are a little better in those situations. You want to be sure to put this on before you get ready to do your mixing or handling of the chemical. Its really important that you follow the PPE. Also on the side of your hand sprayer will probably be a lot of the same recommendations that would be a good idea when handling most of your pesticides. So there?s a wealth of information on the side of your hand sprayer. You can see all this print in a variety of different languages that I can't read, that gives you good instructions on the safe handling of the hand sprayer but also the pesticides you may put in it.