Rooting Hormone for Growing House Plants from Tip Cuttings

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Learn about rooting hormones for growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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Okay, for a lot of the cuttings that we do, we use a rooting hormone. And a hormone is used to increase uniformity in rooting, accelerate the process of rooting, and to increase the number of roots and the quality. We use a synthetic oxen, it's called (that's the hormone name). And synthetic oxen is indolebutyric acid or IBA. So pretty much, it's a rooting hormone. You can pick this up at any garden center and there's different strengths and different types that you can buy. Pretty much,you just, you only need a very little bit so I'm going to just spoon out a little on the tray. There's different strengths and depending on how difficult the plant is to root, you might use a different strength. Stronger is one, two, and three where one, being the weakest in the percentage and three being the strongest. Or, some plants don't need any at all. You can root mint in four days and you wouldn't need any hormones. But, I do have this tray here which I've been trying to root for a month and I'm not having very good luck with it. I mean, it's starting but (oops, I just broke that root off). Let me find one. Well, they are starting to put out a few roots. And then I have this mint. Which, as I said, you can root mint with no powder in a few days. This I probably should have used a stronger rooting hormone and maybe it would have rooted faster. But, maybe next year.