Removing a Lawn Mower Starter Spring

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Lawn mower repair can be easy with expert advice. Learn how to remove a lawn mower starter spring in this free lawn mower repair video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now a lot of the times when you need to repair a starter, the starter spring itself is actually broken and you've got to remove the old spring and install a new spring. So, on a Briggs and Stratton starter, you've got little bends, little tabs that are bend over and hold the pulley on. And you unbend those with a screwdriver. The best one is to unbend the one furthest away from the grommet where the rope goes through and then take the pulley out. And you want to be very careful. Safety wise, whenever you're working on a starter, you want to watch for sharp edges especially on Briggs and Stratton there's little sharp edges all over the starters and wear eye protection because when you're working with springs, things can fly up and get into your eyes. You pull the spring out and there you have it.