How to Care for Hanging Plants

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson for Expert and in this clip I am going to be telling you about hanging plants. Hanging plants are for specific purpose of hanging up. You don’t want to have them on the ground. They are hanging up and they are usually long trailing plants and they soften the effect of the front of your house. Most people will put them on their porches to decorate up the porch because nothing can grow on cement. Colors of soft blues that can be very cooling to bright colors that just pop up at you. Now you have to remember about hanging plants is that their drainage holes do not have a pot under them. So anytime you water them the water is going to run out of the bottom to whatever there is underneath. So if you have them hanging over something that does not like to get wet like a table or a place where you read your newspaper, you might think of putting it somewhere else. Always make sure when you put the hook up that it is a sturdy piece of wood or metal because these plants can weigh up to 20 pounds a piece with water.