Other Ways of Growing House Plants from Tip Cuttings

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We're going to talk about a few other types of propagation. So I'm back about my banana plant. How do I get a banana plant if I don't want to wait six months? So I found this banana tree in a store and we potted these up in the mid summer. It just started out with one shoot, but one thing that strikes me is I see it has started producing some offsets, it's own little plants. It seems like this plant naturally does it. Throws off a little baby. So if I think if I wanted another banana plant really quick I think I would take this out of the pot, I would wash off all the soil, and I would try to separate this little baby off and pot it up. This is one method, it's called division, that I think I could a get another banana plant. We had our spider plant which we needed to find a different method because of the leaves. I'm sure you're all familiar with a spider plant, produces a lot of these runners. We just take these little runners off and we plant these up. This is nice, this one is a little bigger. Sometimes, but not on these ones, they're not quite big enough, but they'll start putting out air roots. I would just cut these off, stick it in the soil, and it will root fast enough. Another type of propagation, this is a Hens and Chick, another offset, it's producing this little baby. All these little babies are coming out the sides. I've tried to seed these before and they take forever and half of them will rot before they get anywhere so we found the best way to propagate them is just pull these babies. Look, it already has some hairs, these are little root hairs that have started so we'll take this, same thing, put it in the soil, keep it a little on the dry side so it will start searching for water and then send out it's own roots and we've got ourselves another plant. So theres a few other ways of propagation.