Functions of Lawn Dusters

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We're going to go into more detail about how this hand duster works. What you basically have is a set of gear abduction here to this handle which allows revolution of this crank. Turn this fan a lot faster if you notice how fast I'm turning my hand and if the camera can pick up how fast that squirrel cage is moving and you can hear it wind up when I get to cranking it. Also that runs a flour sifter assembly if you notice the spraying inside and it runs like a spiral fashion across a screen at the bottom. That spring works like a flour sifter and it drops the broken up or the fine granulated dust into the blast of air. Which is being generated by the squirrel cage fan and mixes them together in the tube while it blast the front of the duster. This makes for smooth application of dust that is almost like smoke and it does reduce the amount of pesticide needed to give the job done and that's good for everybody, it's cheaper for you as the applicator and it's good for the environment.