Mixing Chemicals in a Lawn Sprayer

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Okay, now we've got our PPE on and we've got all the instructions read. We're going to try to determine the amount of chemical that we're going to need to do the application with. On the label it'll usually tell you. If it's a liquid type pesticide it'll tell you how many ounces of pesticide goes in a gallon of water and then how many square feet that gallon of water and that amount of pesticide will cover. So we've got a gallon of pesticide in here, I mean of water in here. And we're going to add a couple of ounces of pesticide to it according to the label recommendations. Now we're going to put the lid on tight so that we don't have any leaks because we're going to shake it up a little. I've seen people take the wand, stick it in the tank and whirl it around like that. That's all fine and dandy if there's nothing stuck to the wand or if you don't pull it out of there and go to doing this with it because then you're slinging pesticide and there's a possibility of getting it all over yourself. I recommend that once it's in the inside we not expose anything to the pesticide that doesn't need to be exposed. And I would say the inside of that tank right now is all that needs pesticide on it. Once we go to spraying hopefully we can eliminate the amount of pesticide that comes to the outside environment that we may get into to the pin point of this sprayer. It's not like it's going to be all over the outside of the sprayer when we get through. It's not going to be all over the wand. It's not going to be all over our hands. We're going to try to eliminate the exposure of us and our equipment to this little point right here of the sprayer.