Growing Red Sails Lettuce

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Red lettuce, or Red Sails lettuce can be harvest a few leaves at a times and can be grown in your yard. Learn how to grow Red Sails lettuce in your vegetable garden in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb". Red lettuce, Red Sails Lettuce is something you might wish to grow in your yard or garden. Remember some of the lettuce like this is like a leaf lettuce. You can break off a piece as you need it and it won't really form a true head like some of the head lettuce will. But the beauty of it is that you can take out the whole plant and harvest it that way or you can come back in and just cut off a few leaves here and there and use it to garnish, well, plates or you can use it for sandwiches. The lettuce, of course, is a pretty short term plant. In other words, in about every 40 - 45 days, you will be able to harvest another grouping of your Red Sails lettuce. So in other words, keep planting. If you keep putting out more seedlings or more little starter plants, you can have a very long season. It's not one that you are going to be harvesting as far as like tomatoes that you might have for 80 or 90 days. You are going to keep putting new little lettuce plants in so you'll have a nice long season. Bright full sun to partial shade; lettuce will take more shade then most other vegetables. So if you got an area in the yard or garden that's a little bit shady, it's an excellent choice. For on gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.