Strengthening the Drainage System for Raised Garden Beds

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How to strengthen the drainage system for a raised garden bed; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here in our number one tub we're going to finish the drainage and add some structure and little strength to the drainage area in the bottom of the tub. The second flat reinforced by cans goes in and it gives us a drainage that goes all the way to the back of the tub to the front. Here in this trash can I have the stems from some caster beans that we're grown last year I'm going to put them along side and and top to provide more drainage and just less of a place for the soil that we're going to put on top. To easily get down to the bottom of the tub and get in my way as far as drainage goes, drainage is critical you need to keep it going as long as possible. Also this is a good way to keep the caster beans stocks and things like that out of the land field. You're going to eventually be composting them. If you rebuild this bed in the next year or two these things will be probably decompose to the point that you'll be able to use them as a humus in a subsequent flower bed arrangement.