Amaryllis Belladonna Exotic Flower Bulbs

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Amaryllis Belladonna is a beautiful South African flower. Learn how to plant amaryllis belladonna flower bulbs with expert gardening tips in this free exotic flower video. View Video Transcript

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No South African garden would be complete without Red Hot Pokers and Naked Ladies. They grow great together and they look great in your garden Amaryllis Belladonna or Naked Ladies because they have greenery that comes up in the summer and then dies back to nothing. Then all of a sudden in the fall you have a big cobra head that comes up out of the ground with big pink Lily like blooms that smell like Bazooka bubble gum. Their just a gorgeous addition to your garden and they're beautiful and they make great cut flowers too. Their Amaryllis family but their not South American Amaryllis that you force at Christmas time. These are totally different Amaryllis, they don't force inside. They have to be crowded to bloom. So you plant them outside in groups of three or more and wait until they get root bound then you will have lots of blooms in the fall, every Fall. Because they have to be crowded, my trick is to plant three together touching at least because then they're going to get root bound quicker and you'll get blooms much quicker as well. So you plant them together in groups three or more anytime of the year and just let them grow and grow and grow. Water them in the summer. They're a South African plant that doesn't need any care at all. You just kind of plant them and forget them and all of a sudden you'll have these surprise Lilies in the fall that are just gorgeous. The next plant will talk about is Amaryllis Belladonna's cousin, Neuron.