Judging the Soil Mixture for an Orchid

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I am just going to loosen this a little more, shake off of old mix that I can because that deteriorates with time and you don’t get the air around the roots that you need, so I am just going to tease these apart; they are really compacted and I don’t want to disturb them anymore than I have to. Since this was in an old 4 inch pot and was placed into the larger pot, you can see where the old mix was still around the roots and the seller just added some new bigger pieces on the surface that looked new and fresh but they are not like that all the way through. Basically on the top you have one kind of mix that is bigger and courser and looks new and underneath you have the old mix that has been in there for probably a couple of years at least which is deteriorating. Don’t go buy the look of the mix on the top.