How House Plants Root When Grow from Tip Cuttings

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Learn how houseplants root when growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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All right, so we have our cuttings and we have our finished plants. But what's happening in between these two processes so. I got these ivy geraniums six days ago. I think they show kinda clear the same thing I cut the stem and the first thing that happens is the plant will callus. See it's getting a little bald on the bottom of this stem where it's thickening. It's getting ready to prepare to put out some roots. That's the first thing that's gonna happen. After this happens it will throw out a little hair root. Then it will throw out more and more. We get the callus and we get the rooting and then after that, when I see the plant start to grow a little bit. I might give it a little fertilizer. You know this plant is three weeks old. It's doing pretty good. It's got a nice, healthy root system. The roots are nice and white, starting to grow. If I wanted to branch it, it will keep growing up straight. So maybe I want this plant to grow and bush out a little bit. So we can just take the top off. See what this one's doing. Three weeks later again. It's got some small roots, it's not great but...given a little more time we'll see some more. Swedish Ivy, and it's doing pretty good. So, I didn't give these plants any special treatment here in the greenhouse. I just potted them up like this and I put them on the bench and I just waited. So I think you can easily do this at home.