Construction of Raised Garden Beds

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How to get started constructing a raised garden bed; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Although today we're not actually going to build the container for a raised bed garden, there are a few things you might want to consider if you don't have a ready made container like we have. I've seen raised beds made out cross ties, tuba sixes, just build a box, bricks rocks, fence posts. Like I said a while ago they can be built out of old tires but the dimensions are fairly important. You probably don't want one that over about the middle of your chest high, say about four foot tall. Because then you're going to have trouble reaching to harvest your plant cause your plant is going to grow from there and if you have a pepper plant that is two foot tall. Well the tall of the pepper plant will be six foot so generally speaking most people don't go over waist high. Also you want to consider the width of a raise bed. You don't want it so wide that you can reach to the center to do you harvesting. So I would say probably about three foot wide is your max, width that you put up build a box for a raised bed. Then on the other hand the length is not that big of a deal except for probably how far you have to run your water or how much room you have in your back yard. The raised bed dimensions are pretty well up to you. It can be grown in a large pot or like we're going to do we're building in 12 foot bathtubs. I never owned a new house so every house that I have ever bought needed a bathroom remodeled. Most of time it needed one of these 12 foot bathtubs in the back yard or are still in the house and so when we did our remodeling I ended up with several of them and we're going to use them as raised beds today.