Decorating a Porch With Plants

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When decorating a porch with plants, use just a few medium-sized plants spaced out evenly to showcase the space, and choose plants that can thrive in shade and won't grow up on the house. Use a few plants to decorate a porch with advice from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about decorating a porch with plants. Now plants are such a wonderful addition to your home inside, as well as outside. And there's a few rules that you should follow when you're decorating with plants. And first of all, I always find that less is more. We want so many plants in our life, and we always end up just filling the porch with just tons of plants that just get over ridden and just looks really clunky. So we put so plants on our front porch that we can't even find the door. So the trick with using plants on your porch, is to remember less is more. And by just having a few plants evenly spaced, you'll find that they will really showcase themselves, and they won't be as distracting. And a lot of people want to use their plants right up to the house, and that's my main worry. Is that when you put your plants outside like an Ivy or Wisteria, don't let it touch the house. Never let plants touch the house. Because the Ivy will grow right into the woodwork on your house, and gradually make it inside the house. And the Wisteria that's hanging over the eave looks beautiful. But, eventually it will eat away that eave, and you will be left with just a shell of a house, and thousands of dollars in damage. So never let your plants touch the house in any way. Make sure and put saucers or something underneath them to catch the water. Because you don't want them sitting right on your deck or on your windowsill or anywhere else where it's going to do damage to the woodwork. So you always want to leave a barrier, or some kind of plate or something in between them. And make sure that they get enough sun. Because even if it's a porch with lots of big trees, sometimes won't get enough sun there. Never put plants on your porch that are going to grow and hit the house too. So make sure if it's a big container that's going to be hard to move, that it's not going to grow too big and eventually hit the house. So there's easy ways that you can decorate with plants on your front porch, but remember to put just a few in different places and really let them showcase themselves. That way it won't be too crowded and they'll look beautiful in your front yard. You want your porch to be an extension of yourself, so don't forget artwork or statues, or having just a few plants in a certain area. Don't overwhelm the front porch. And, remember that this is your home and you want to keep it nice and tidy. And you want your porch to be something that the neighbors are going to enjoy every time they come to visit you.