Mixing Soil for African Violets

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Mixing Soil for African Violets - Provided by eHow
Transmission of disease is very common when planting African violets, but the right kind of soil can ward off disease. Learn how to mix peat moss, vermiculite, and perlight soils for violets in this free gardening video about caring for African violets. View Video Transcript

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Preparing your soil for your African Violets is extremely important. Here in the bucket I have 1/3 peat moss, I have vermiculite and perlite. All three mixed together 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3. The function of your peat moss is to retain moisture and at the same time it does not allow your African Violet to become root bond. Your vermiculite and your perlite act as a good drainage material. Again do not allow your African Violets to sit in water. It is a death warrant. Okay now we are going to add 1/3 perlite, 1/3 vermiculite, and mix very well. Make sure that all your materials that you use are clean and sterile if possible. What I do is I take my mixing bucket and I take all my tools that will come in contact with my African Violets in a cup of bleach, I let it set overnight and the next morning before I start my project with my African Violets I rinse them very well with warm water. Now you are trying to prevent the transmission of diseases and mainly the problem you will find with your African Violets is fungal, crown rot for instance. By mixing this well, by sterilizing and cleaning your instruments that touch your African Violets you will prevent a lot of common problems that people find in their African Violets.