How to Buy a Lawn Mower

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When buying a lawn mower, decide whether to invest in the power and durability of a commercial mower or stick with the affordability and maintenance concerns of a homeowner's model. Look for name brand lawn mowers at discount stores to get the best deal... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to buy a lawnmower. Well, first thing in my opinion you need to do is consider a commercial machine. You can get a commercial lawnmower like this one, in twenty one inches, would be fine for your average size home lawn. You can go up in width, but the deal that the commercial machine will do for you is, it's going to last longer. They are made and designed to work forever, and most of 'em nowadays are designed to work with nobody paying any attention to their upkeep, because, well, let's face it, some of the employees don't upkeep the equipment. With that in mind, the machine will last you for years, as opposed to what we in the commercial business refer to as a homeowners model, which is cheaper. But what we've noticed on that is, you wind up in the first year taking it to the shop. The second year you take it to the shop. The third year you take it to the shop, and probably end up before the year is over replacing 'em. When you look at that investment like that, versus a higher investment at the beginning and it lasting longer, the commercially made equipment is far better. I'm going to tell you one secret about the equipment business. You can find name brand products at discount stores, but they're not the same machine that you get at an equipment dealer, because what has happened is, is this. The manufacturer, in order to sell at a discount place, has to cut their costs in how they manufacture the machine. They don't build 'em quite as well, because they have to cut their expense, because they're told what their machines will sell for, and what they're going to be paid. So, they have to cut some corners. The craftsmanship is not as good. So, again, a commercial equipment house is the best place to go for your lawnmower.