How to Maintain Daylilies

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So how do you maintain a healthy plant? Most of the work big they are actually are struggling for all the nutrients in the ground we recommend that you divide a plant every 3-4 years. Now if we look at this plant here now what you would see that last year that I took and divided it actually into 3 separate parts and you would see at the bottom that there is actually dirt right between them all. This plant was actually getting to impacted but it was beautiful here in the corner so rather then taking the whole thing and moving it some place I simply cut it into 3 different parts, separate it a little bit, and it seems to be doing well actually the way that it is now. So if you want just divide them and leave them where they are that is one good thing to do or if you want to put them in different parts of your garden you can also do that. Now as far as bugs well the only time I see bugs in these plants are after they flowered. When this flower tomorrow goes a little passa you might see a few bugs on it then. But never when they actually bloom other then bees which is one of the good things that you like. Sometimes the green leaves turn a little bit brown at the bottom I kind of call it shedding it's skin. You can leave them there, you can take them away if they bother you it really doesn't have anything to do with actual plant itself. So as a whole there the easies plants to maintain give them a little bit of fertilizer they would be very happy and a little bit of bone meal and they would be very happy.