Settling Transplants with Watering in Raised Garden Beds

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How to settle transplants with watering in a raised garden bed; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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The initial watering of a bedding plant that you just transplanted is a really important thing that needs to be watched closely. What you are going to do is look for several things. One thing you are going to look for is that you've watered in the crown of the plant where these plants are leafing out from the stem that they are not being covered up by dirt. But on the other hand as you are putting water on these, on each of these little transplants and washing off that crown so that it is not buried, you are not washing off the root system. If you get in there with a garden hose, that is reason I am using such a small sprinkler can with such a small pattern, is I am putting enough water around there to get that soil to get the heck off of the crown and get the crown above the ground. Also I am keeping the water from washing away from the root system. The roots have got to have soil on them but not the crown and also the loose soil that is all around the new transplant needs to be settled. It needs to be made wet and it needs to settle down and get the oxygen out of it. A little oxygen is a good thing for roots but on new transplants, oxygen is a killer. It can cause the new root system or the root system that is established in the top to be dried out and when that happens that plant goes into transplant shock right away. It is a dangerous thing. Transplant shock kills most plants. A lot of people who plant a garden don't go back and do this little simple tasks of watering that plant in and be sure the depth is correct and that the crown isn't covered. There is no air around the root system. We don't have anything to worry about with these strawberries because we didn't disturb the root system. All I am doing is watering around them and kind of washing the dirt that I may have gotten up on the crown away and making sure that the inside of that pot is wet because the root system was not disturbed at all. See this one here, this one here needs to be brought up. I am going to use my finger to move a little bit of the soil away but that is the idea with watering in is to make sure that those plants have all got the air away from the root system and that the crown is exposed, not covered up but the root system is covered up.