Squash Varieties of Heirloom Seeds

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Many kinds of squash can derive form heirloom seeds kept and cross-pollinated. Learn about growing squash heirloom seeds from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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This baby is delicious in the infancy stage; it's delicious at medium-sized summer squash. And then, as I said, as it gets to be this large and dense winter squash, it saves all winter, and we can cut it open, and enjoy a delicious pudding like squash; again, very dense, very sweet. Next we have Chioggia, Marina de Chioggia, from the Venice region of Italy. Now this baby is practically mythological in its formation, and its artistry, and its flavor. What do you think about this guy? It's one of my favorites. It's one of our favorites, it really is. We we love it so much we almost don't want to cut it open. After you've grown one of these, it's very difficult to go back to traditional squashes. Last but not least today, we have this painted cushaw. This is a new addition to our farm, and I'll admit that I acquired it, and started growing it because of its beautiful formation and color. However, lo and behold, it's all as good as these other three. So this, the painted cushaw has joined the family of our favorite heirloom squashes. If you want any seeds for these beautiful squashes, or other varieties of heirlooms, you can contact us at laughingdogfarm.com.