How to Grow Bamboo

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To grow bamboo, place a piece of the plant in the ground or in a container and provide it with plenty of sunlight. Grow bamboo with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and we're learning all about how to grow bamboo, one of my favorite plants. Bamboo is just a grass, it grows no differently than the grass in your lawn so it's very easy to grow in a container or the ground, it's so simple. Whether you buy them as a clump in a pot at the garden center or you start them as a root, either way they're so simple. Basically, all you do, just like a piece of grass, you just divide another piece out and then you either plant that in the ground or a container. Knowing that this is a running bamboo so it will take over, eventually, so you kind of want to be careful with it. I like to put them in containers or at least in an area where I can contain them, whether it's between the sidewalk and the street or somewhere where they're not going to become a problem eventually. They're just an easy thing to grow and all you need is a little tiny piece of root and you can have a new bamboo plant, doesn't take much at all. Bamboo prefer full hot all day sun, they really like heat and sun to grow well but just like your grass and your garden, they can handle some shade too so you can put them in a little bit of shade as well. Good composted or good soil is the key too, they want something to grab onto. If you have only clay, just put some compost on top and then put your bamboo into that and it'll grow really well. Bamboo are one of the simplest plants to grow, sun, part shade, about three inches deep, make sure that dirt is covered, if it's a root, it's covered, the sprout is out of the ground and you can separate it as needed. Remember, there's two types of bamboo there's the running that takes over so you've got to be careful about putting that in the ground or the clumping that stays more of a clump with more of a like a tree coming up, they don't really take over. So, when you're planting them, make sure you know which is which and plant them in the correct spaces because you never want to put a running bamboo next to a park, for example, where you're not going to be able to maintain it or a water way where it can get into the water and the seeds can get everywhere. Make sure that you can contain them because they are a beautiful plant but like other plants, that can become invasive, you've got to really be careful where you put them.