How to Water a Moon Garden

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we have talked about moon gardening. And in this segment we will talk about how important it is to have water features in your moon garden. The night is luna. It's magical. And so when you are sitting next to your moon garden or when designing your moon garden, it is always important to have some water because reflects the moon light and it really will illuminate your garden. Whether it is just a birdbath or a small concrete tub, or a big water fountain or even a waterfall, all of it is important for your moon garden. So make sure and enjoy your moon garden with water. Water features do not have to be that complicated; just a nice concrete rock with bubbling water coming over it, falling over it onto rocks. It is very simple. Basically it is just a plastic crate with a pump with a rock over it, and filled with water on a plastic lining so that the water does not float away. That's about as easy as it is. Water features can be as simple as a concrete leaf with a little bit of water in it. In the summer time the birds come and take the water out of there as well. Next we will conclude our discussion on moon gardens.