How to Expand a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to expand a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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So now we're going to expansion of our little perennial garden. Once you get hooked, and you will get hooked. People say, well now it's time to get a little bit bigger and how do you do that? Well sometimes it's nice to start with a strip. You might have a nice tall background, some flowers in front and leave it at that and that's perfectly fine. Each year with this particular garden I might come out here and take 3 inches off this lawn, maybe 5 inches because this plant will come forward a bit. That'll bring the garden a little bit larger this way. Then what also happens is on the edges here you might have this nice big bush, which is growing and growing in leaps and bounds. You might come down and make a wing. Then your wing may end here and then all of a sudden you find a friend who says to you, I have this great little plant here that needs to be up front, but you don't have anymore room up in the front. What you do is you expand your garden down a little bit, put your new little plant, and then little by little, the garden may just keep coming and coming. The only word of advice I would always tell people is that don't get too big that you feel it's too much for you to do. The worst thing that will happen is if you get sick of it or you can't keep up with it, it'll get filled with weeds. If you get filled with weeds, then you won't take care of it and there goes your summer relaxation. Keep it as large or as small as you feel comfortable working in your garden, and most importantly enjoying it.