How to Cut Flowers in a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to cut flowers in a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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Now that you have your perennial garden set and it's producing flowers, the one thing you want to do is enjoy the flowers inside and out. In almost any flower that you might have in your garden, you can certainly bring them inside and use them in a vase. Some of these flowers what you want to do, like this asclepias, this nice orange is make sure you have the foliage with it so you can enjoy it too. Even this right here that's actually starting to fade away. If I was going to make a bouquet, I would probably take some of these little pink pieces and add them into it. These are great little flower heads. They're very nice to add to. Then of course we have some of the loose strife in the back, which is a nice solid pink with a stem. Basically, any flower you may have and also any kind of a shrub with a nice green leaf. Don't be afraid to put them into your little bouquets also because they really do make a bouquet look much better.