Getting Started with Saving Seeds

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Saving seeds begins the heirloom seed tradition, working seeds from robust plants back into your soil. Learn about getting into seed saving from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So, how do you get started with seeds? There's such a vast array of choices and it's easy to be intimidated and overwhelmed by all there is out there. Which seeds to save? How to save them? Those are some of the, you know, some of the normal questions that people ask. The first thing that we want to say is crops that are self-pollinating are much easier to save. So when we talk about starting off, we would talk about starting with beans and peas and tomatoes. These are classic food crops that are self-pollinating so we don't have to go through any elaborate isolation or hand pollination techniques. We can merely collect the seed when it's ripe, dry it out and save it. Now, the seeds, the whole seeding saving technology is really geared well for a backyarder or a small farm. You don't need a lot of acreage. You don't need special equipment. You don't really need that much special knowledge or expertise to get started. And also, the seed saving, the seed saving craft is a wonderful way to involve children and to create curriculum. And people all around now are getting exposed to these heirloom varieties and we see them evoking so much passion and so much imagination in the people who see them and eat them. And, of course, the flavor of some of these heirlooms is just stunning. The flavor, the color, the form.