How to Start Growing a Garden

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Okay let's say you want to start garden and you have nothing but lawn. The first thing you are going to have to do is get a good tool and this is the best tool a garden fork. Not a pick fork, it is a good strong fork that you can really work your way into the ground with. You do that, you step on it, you push it, you rock it back and forth. Whatever it takes to get the full length of that fork into the ground. Cause you really need to turn all of this earth. You are going to take this earth and you are going to turn up all of it and you are going to flip it over. You are going to do that all the way across. You have to decide how big a area to do. The most important thing here is not to do anything bigger than you can handle. I would recommend starting with a area that is no more than say 3-4 feet across and even 3-4 feet long if you are feeling more adventures you can go longer. But you don't want to start with a huge garden cause you will not be able to do this. This is hard work and you need to start small.