Growing Tomatoes

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Growing tomatoes is best done by starting the seeds indoors in late winter, moving the pot outside when the weather warms up and providing a cage or trellis for the vine to climb. Grow a fruitful tomato vine, cutting back dead branches in the fall, with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow tomatoes. Now tomatoes are probably the most used fruit or some people still call it a vegetable in the whole world and they're actually a vine plant and the easiest way to grow them is to either buy them already growing in a container or start the seeds inside in March. Even February, March. And once those started to grow a little bit and it starts to warm up outside, there's no chance of freeze, actually wait till it gets over 60 degrees everyday for a week or two and doesn't fall below 60 at night is the best time to plant them outside. Because they really don't like to be too cold. And when you plant your tomatoes, make sure that they're on a vine and that vine has to grow onto something. So many times you can get a tomato cage or you put them up to a trellis or you can just even hang them in containers and then just put them onto strings and they'll continue to grow and produce tomatoes late summer through fall. They're a very, very rewarding plants. And deer do love them and other animals like them so I found that you need to put them in a protected area because they will get eaten by birds. You can always put a net over them or just keep them protected from animals and they'll grow really well. And I just put tomato cages around them and let them keep producing tomatoes all summer through the fall and I just cutback the dead branches as they die back and they'll grow more and more and more and they're an easy garden plant to grow. You just need the seeds and whether you call them tomato or tomato, they're a great plant for your garden.