How Do I Deter Rabbits From My Garden?

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To deter rabbits from a garden, plant vegetables in a raised bed or earth box, put up screening around the garden, or spray a pepper-based product around the perimeter. Discourage rabbits from eating vegetables in a garden with advice from an experienced... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. We're at Willow Tree Nursery, in Saint Petersburg, Florida. One of the questions that you get asked a bunch is how do we deter rabbits from the garden? You know, rabbits are cute and they're part of Easter, but when they start to eat your favorite tomatoes and other greens in your garden all of a sudden they become not so cute. Well, there's a couple things you can do. One would be to raise your garden up so they have to get up into it, so maybe a raised garden or an earth box, something of that nature, and/or putting up some screening to keep your little rabbits out of the area. Now, if that doesn't work and you've got a traditional garden, and they're eating more of your tomatoes then you are you might want to get one of these products that has some capsicum in it. Now, capsicum just means it's a pepper-based product, and most of the wildlife, especially rabbits, don't seem to like the hot peppery taste. They take their vegetables more just au natural. So, if you use something like this and you spray it around the edge of the garden you'll help keep some of the rabbits where they belong; out in the field, not in your garden. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.