Making a Proper Garden Room

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am please to speak to you about current trends in gardening and tips for new gardeners and specifically garden rooms. Garden rooms is an exciting new way for people to look at their outdoor space and with regard to living outdoors, a garden room defines a space outside. So if you approach your garden similar to your house, you have different rooms for different reasons and certainly the garden can offer that same sort of potential, flexibility, creativity to be able to live outside in spaces that suit the different activity. Whether it's an outdoor dining room, outdoor play room, outdoor work space for the gardener that likes to do a lot of potting up to have that kind of defined space makes the work much more easier; that much more enjoyable. So it's a different way of approaching garden designing and I think the reason that it is so popular is because it make sense in terms of how you can appreciate and enjoy your outdoor living space.