How to Prepare Snapdragons for Planting: Gardening Tips

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener and today I am here on behalf of I am going to guide you step by step on plant preparation. What is plant preparation? Basically what we are doing here is we are preparing the plant to its new home. Basically what we are going to do is, this particular plant, is in what they refer to as a 12 pack container. They are individually separated which is very convenient when you are going to do your planting. What we are going to do is try to apply pressure on the side, see what I am doing, to release the roots from the container is completely loose and we do not damage the roots whatsoever. They are in perfect condition. While we are doing this, we are going to check for moisture. I lucked out, this had plenty of moisture that is required. In the event that you would run across if they are a little bit too dry, what you need to do soak them in water for 5 minutes and they will be ready. If you see they are in between dry and semi-moist, get a little bit of water and just apply it to the roots, just like I am doing and that should do the trick. Then just put it back where it goes and this is what we refer to as plant preparation and it will be ready when we start planting them whether it is for the flower bag, hanging baskets and this is how we prepare the snapdragons for planting.