How & Why to Save Heirloom tomato Seeds

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Saving and preparing heirloom tomatoes seeds can prepare you for next year's crops. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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I'll now show you how to save your seed from this year's crop to grow next year. First we want to start with a fully ripe tomato, it's best to pick a fully ripe, off the vine, out in the field. You should do a little scouting, selecting off of a nice healthy plant, one that's producing a lot of fruit. Don't pick one and save the seed off of a diseased or scrawny looking plant obviously. So, pick a nice ripe one that looks typical of the variety, this is a Brandywine, it's a nice and large, there's gonna be a lot of seed in there. We're gonna cut it open, would be the first step, let's see what we got in there. Get into the seed cavities. And next we'll show you what to do with them after you've cleaned it out.